Citizen Science


With generous support from our local REI, Colorado Canyons Association has revamped our Trail Monitoring Program for the National Conservation Areas in western Colorado.  

In monitoring the diverse recreation areas and trail types found across all three of western Colorado’s NCAs, our program empowers our volunteers to provide the BLM with relevant and timely information about how, when and by whom, these areas are being used. This information is critical to BLM’s effective management of these unique and well-loved resources and our program makes it easy for volunteers to incorporate the monitoring efforts into their everyday experiences out enjoying the trails in our NCAs! 

Click here for information about our upcoming Trail Monitor Training at REI on Wednesday, November 9th!


From our first year data we will create an inventory of the plant species that exist in Big Dominguez Canyon. This data will help us to develop the Proper Functioning Condition (PFC) of points throughout Big Dominguez Creek.  This tool will be used for future monitoring to gauge the success of the vegetative community.