The Residential Youth Services Expedition Fund:

A collaboration between Hilltop & Colorado Canyons Association

With a goal of raising $10,000 in 2017, The Expedition Fund will allow participants in Hilltop’s Residential Youth Services (RYS) program to experience the best of Colorado's outdoors through programs developed by Colorado Canyons Association. These programs offer an amazing opportunity for these youth to, river raft, mountain bike, and camp on their public lands. All activities are organized through Colorado Canyons Association, combining life-changing outdoor experiences with state approved curriculum.  

Last fall, CCA and Hilltop provided our first pilot trip to the Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area and the result was nothing short of a resounding success! For these students, a day on the river and in the red-walled canyons was an immeasurable reward for commitment to their schoolwork and self-improvement. In fact, one student said the river trip "was the best day they've had" since being released from the Department of Youth Corrections. This year we are expanding the program to include two day-long-hikes, three hands on classroom demonstrations, and a river rafting trip. The classroom component will prepare students for field trips offering them the tools to safely and fully experience the wonder and nature of their public lands. 

Given the results of the day, its clear that in working together CCA and Hilltop can bring the therapeutic qualities of nature to the youth that need it the most. That's why we're excited to announce the next phase of our collaboration, the RYS Western Colorado Expedition Fund! 

James, a past RYS student, is the kind of person this Fund will aid. 

Get RYS Outside:

A portion of CCA's proceeds from the Banff Festival will go towards The Expedition Fund.