Support the Land & Water Conservation Fund!

The Land & Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) expired this fall leaving our nation’s most widely supported conservation program in danger. For over fifty years, LWCF has ensured that all Americans have access to hunt, fish, explore and enjoy our lands and parks across America. 

From McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area to our local Blue Heron River Trail here in Grand Junction, LWCF has helped protect America’s most treasured places for five decades. Over its 50-year history, the fund has played an essential role in conservation and preservation in every state across the country and it has supported over 41,000 state and local park projects. 

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Imagine if Devils Canyon in McInnis Canyons had become a golf course or housing development back in the 1980’s. Or not being able to recreate in Rabbit Valley today because it's mostly private land....this could have been a reality without LWCF. 

These places were protected using LWCF, a bi-partisan supported fund from off-shore drilling that gives back to counties all across the nation for conservation and recreation projects. And now, LWCF is in dire need of reauthorization. Addressing the $12 billion maintenance backlog in national parks is also a top priority and Congress needs to address both issues. 

Join CCA as we ask our elected leaders in Congress to re-authorize and fully fund this program because every day it is expired means that there are no funds for future conservation. Call or email these local offices…

  • Senator Cory Gardner Grand Junction Office: (970) 245-9553

  • Senator Michael Bennet Grand Junction Office: (970) 241-6631

  • Congressman Scott Tipton Grand Junction Office: (970) 241-2499

Questions? Contact CCA's Executive Director, Joe Neuhof, via

or 970-263-7902