Mountain Biking

The Kokopelli Loops/Mack Ridge area contains world-class singletrack day use mountain biking opportunities, drawing visitors from many different countries and continents to the technical trails and outstanding scenery. View map.


The Colorado River is managed to provides outstanding opportunities for social groups and families to experience overnight flat water boating (and also camping and wilderness hiking) through a scenic and naturally-appearing red walled river canyon. View map.


The Wilderness is managed to provide outstanding opportunities for solitude and primitive recreation, including extreme wilderness adventure through rugged, deeply carved canyons; pinnacles, cliffs and slickrock.
The Fruita Front Country provides opportunities for visitors to enjoy easy urban access to back country settings on foot or by horse; this area of the NCA transitions from the urban, back-yard setting of Devil’s Canyon into a progressively more remote wilderness experience deeper inside the Wilderness. View Map.

Off Highway Vehicles

The Rabbit Valley area is managed as a sustainable, scenic diverse motorized and mechanized (e.g., mountain bike) play area for the Grand Valley. View Map.