Trail Stewardship Program 

With generous support from our local REI, Colorado Canyons Association has revamped our Trail Stewardship Program for the National Conservation Areas in western Colorado.  

In monitoring the diverse recreation areas and trail types found across all three of western Colorado’s NCAs, our program empowers volunteers to provide BLM with relevant and timely "observational monitoring data" about how, when and by whom, these areas are being used. For example, Stewards answer straightforward questions like, "How many groups did you encounter while you were on the trail?" and "In what activities were they participating?" This information is critical to BLM’s effective management of these unique and well-loved resources.

Long story short, our Trail Stewardship Program makes it easy for volunteers to participate by simply integrating the data collection into their everyday experiences while out enjoying the NCAs!! 

Upcoming Trail Stewardship Events:

To become a Trail Steward or to receive info on upcoming trainings & group outings, contact Killian Rush at or 970-263-7902.