Rabbit Valley Recreation Area—First Class & Beginner Motorcycle Riding Opportunities

By Lee Cooper, Colorado Canyons Association
& Motorcycle Trail Riders Association Board Member

If you’re looking for challenging first class single track riding opportunities in the Grand Valley for motorcycles with first class views of the surrounding NCA landscape and first class camping opportunities, then look no further than Rabbit Valley located within the McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area

CCA board members Lee Cooper and Tony Ippolito enjoying the trails in Rabbit Valley!

CCA board members Lee Cooper and Tony Ippolito enjoying the trails in Rabbit Valley!

Situated just south of Interstate 70 and east of the Utah/Colorado State line, the Rabbit Valley Trail System is unique in history, geology, and vistas. Below is a list of the single track trails that are offered at Rabbit Valley for you to enjoy. Depending on your skill level, all of these single track trails can be ridden in a half days’ time. Please tread lightly and stay on the trail.

Trail 3—Technical Riding at its Best! - This trail offers high speed sections with flowing turns mixed with slow and tight technical rock sections where your technical riding skills are put to the test. This is a popular trail for transferring to and from Trail 4 and Trail 8 so be on the lookout for oncoming traffic (both motorcycle and mtn. bike). This trail has heavy clay soils, so try to avoid this trail after a snow melt or rainstorm event.

Trail 6— Big Fun & Big Views! - This is the furthest west single track trail offered at Rabbit Valley. Trail 6 is a short trail, distance wise (approx. 1.5 miles long), but offers a huge fun factor. Sections of this trail are like riding on a roller coaster as you traverse across small sandy drainages up and down the hills. Take this trail to the popular Knowles Overlook for spectacular views of the Colorado River and the Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness. You won’t be disappointed. It’s recommended that you use Trail 2 for transferring out to Trail 6.

Trail 8— Hero Dirt & Sandstone! - After a high desert rainstorm, there is no better trail to be on than Trail 8 due to its sandy soil hero dirt. Riding Trail 8 in a clockwise direction is recommended for safety as this is the most common direction traveled among motorcyclists. Weaving along the base of sandstone walls, Trail 8 starts out with fast flowing whoop sections of sand mixed with fun elevation changes. At about the halfway mark, the trail changes character to a more technical trail offering sandstone ledges with tight turns weaving in and out of the drainages and the pinon/juniper landscape. Get through the technical rock sections without putting a foot down and you’ll be considered a hero among your friends. 

Kids Training Track - One very unique offering at Rabbit Valley is a designated beginners track for both motorcyclists and ATV’s. This track was constructed by the BLM to offer riders the ability to practice in a safe area with turns and jumps that is close to the main parking lots. Have a young beginner rider or want to practice your wheelies? Stop by the track for skill building. In the near future, there are plans to build more challenging obstacles at the training track to help with technical riding!