Birding the Colorado River - A Great Success!

In early May, CCA, in collaboration with the Museums of Western Colorado, sponsored a fully supported, 3-day birding trip on the Colorado River through Ruby-Horsethief Canyon in McInnis Canyons NCA. The trip was graced with sunny weather, fantastic rafting conditions and many opportunities to observe birds. CCA’s river crew served up a quality river experience including great meals and ample beverages, with fine wines from Carlson Vineyards.


In addition to birding along the river, participants hiked Mee Canyon and the Catalpa property. Nearly 50 species of birds were spotted. A few of the bird species viewed included bald eagles, great blue herons, yellow warblers, lazuli buntings, yellow-breasted chats, prairie falcons, several species of swallows, black-throated sparrows, gray vireos, lark sparrows and ash-throated flycatchers. Probably the best bird of the trip was a pair of peregrine falcons – the group watched one falcon snatch a swallow in mid-air.

Making this trip an annual event is certainly a consideration – a quality experience for beginner and expert birder, alike.  

-Bill Harris, Resident Birding Expert and CCA Board Member

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