A Year Full of Adventure!

As our 2019 Adventure Series comes to a close, we would like to take a moment to look back on this year’s awesome adventures. We had a great time exploring our NCAs with the community and can't wait for more exciting outings in 2020!

Rafting to Eagle Rock SHelter


Guests floated down the Gunnison River to the 13,000 year old archaeological site, Eagle Rock Shelter. CMU Professor, Dr. John Seebach, joined us on the trip and shared his wealth of knowledge on the archaeology of the Western Slope. What a unique way to explore the Gunnison River Basin!

Paleontology River Experience


Participants joined a crew of expert paleontologists for a float down the Colorado River through Ruby-Horsethief Canyon. Along the way, they hiked through canyons searching for fossils dating all the way back to the dawn of the dinosaurs! Guests stayed at CCA’s Catalpa Camp and feasted on local food and wine.

Birding the Colorado River


Our bird-watching trip was one of the most successful adventures of the year! This 3-day float down the Colorado River provided birders the opportunity to discover the incredible avian diversity of McInnis Canyons NCA. Timed perfectly with the raptor nesting season, participants had no shortage of birds to discover. We’re already looking forward to our 2020 birding adventure!

Check out this story about the trip from our birding expert, Bill Harris!

Geology and Paleontology Rafting Tour


The sandstone canyons of Ruby-Horsethief provide the perfect experience for geological discovery! On our Geology and Paleontology Rafting Tour, participants boated down the Colorado River and learned about the geologic wonders of the canyons from CCA’s Land Programs Director and paleontologist, Rob Gay.

Dominguez Canyon Hike


Participants explored Big Dominguez Canyon and experienced petroglyphs, waterfalls, and bighorn sheep - not bad for a day-hike! Nothing beats a spring hike after a long winter!

All of the proceeds from our Adventure Series go directly towards getting more kids outside. By signing up for an adventure, not only do you get a unique and authentic guided outing, but you support CCA in our efforts to share knowledge and inspiration with local youth!

Make sure to check back in 2020 for more awesome adventures! Contact sara@canyonsassociation.org if you have any questions about our Adventure Series or suggestions for 2020 adventures.