2018 Late Summer and Fall Programs

Whether you're a lifelong resident, a recent transplant, or just visiting for a weekend, it's clear to see how beautiful our public lands are in western Colorado. In particular our National Conservation Areas (NCAs) highlight and protect some of the most spectacular scenery, important archaeology, and scientifically valuable paleontology in the region. CCA is committed to educating the public about these areas and getting you involved in conserving them for future generations. We have some amazing activities planned for the late summer and fall; join us on an excursion, volunteer for an event, or contact us about how you can get involved.

Dramatic scenes await those who venture out into NCAs during the spring




  • 1st - Expedition Fund Hike with Hilltop's Residential Youth Services students

For questions and more information, contact CCA's Education Director, Rob Gay, via rob@canyonsassociation.org or 970-263-7902